Carinthian Raw Sausages & Salami

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Frierss is regarded throughout Austria as a prime example of the highest salami artisanry.


The Frierss family has been cultivating this traditional craft since 1898. Twice in the family’s history we have been honored with the golden winner's trophy for our cured sausage at the SÜFFA competition, most recently in 2014. Year after year the product’s high quality is awarded with gold medals from the DLG, the German Agricultural Society.


With the utmost care, experienced salami craftsmen produce first-class Carinthian mountain salami, Carinthian smoked sausage, our original Carinthia house sausage, and much more in our traditional family business in Villach. Only the best beef and pork are used, honed by hand and refined with our special spice blends. Lightly smoked over beechwood, they slowly mature in the clear mountain air until their full flavor unfolds, and you can taste it! Discover the entire assortment!