A Craft that is Alive and Well


For generations we at Frierss have been cultivating our time-honored artisanry. With a great deal of experience we still process only selected raw materials with the utmost care.


The nature of Carinthia

The largely untouched landscape of beautiful mountains, lakes with drinking-water quality, pure mountain air, and the mild climate of Carinthia all create the ideal conditions for the drying and aging of the specialties.


Pioneering Spirit


At Frierss, traditional artisanry meets the spirit of innovation. The impressive product variety and continously innovative novelties proves this perfectly.


Hundreds of gold medals at national and international competitions confirm the top quality and excellent taste of Frierss specialties.


Awards 2017

Our high product quality is affirmed by nine Gold Medals from the German Agricultural Society DLG. We are recognized for our excellence in taste, artisanry, appearance, color, aroma and texture.

9 x Goldmedaille von DLG 2017

GoldFeine Extrawurst awarded annually with DLG Gold
GoldMortadellaawarded annaually with DLG Gold
Gold Kärntner Bergsalamiawarded annaually with DLG Gold
GoldOriginal Kärntner Hauswürstelawarded annaually with DLG Gold
GoldProsciutto Castello


Further awards


Quality & Product Safety


Our experienced employees produce high-quality sausage and ham specialties according to the latest hygiene standards "IFS certification at a higher standard". These guarantee highest quality and excellent taste.