Ham Specialties

Our Products at a Glance

Frierss is well-known for the highest ham artisanry in Austria.


At Frierss, classic Carinthian ham specialties are handmade from carefully-selected pork and refined with traditional spice blends. The tried-and-true cooking techniques give this ham its unmistakable succulence and tenderness. The delicate, gourmet hams from Frierss with their exquisite ingredients and artful refinement are a real treat for the palate. The results are exciting ham specialties, such as our Original Nock Country Whiskey Ham, which is refined with fine single malt whiskey from the Wolfram Ortner Distillery in Bad Kleinkirchheim, Carinthia.


Seasonal ingredients form the basis of ham specialties for different times of year such as orange-pepper ham, pumpkin-seed ham, truffle ham, Carinthian honey ham, among others. Discover the entire assortment of Frierss’ ham specialties!