Mold Salami

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Frierss is recognized Austria-wide as a prime example of the highest-quality salami art.

Family Frierss has maintained this traditional artisanry since 1898. Our particularly high quality is confirmed year after year with gold medals from the DLG (German Agricultural Society).

In our traditional family business in Villach, experienced salami craftsmen produce first-class fine mold salamis such as our hand-tied Crespone, our rustic Caranthana, our Mediterranean Milan Salami, our Cacci (mini-salamis) and our delicious Fennel and Truffle Salamis, among others.

Our preservation of this classic Italophile specialty has its origins in the geographic location of the family business in the heart of the Alpine-Adriatic region, as well as in our grandfather’s pioneering spirit and passion for all things Italian.

Only the best pork refined by exquisite spice blends are handcrafted into these specialties. Air-dried, they age slowly in fine white mold until their full flavor unfolds. Discover the entire assortment!