Salami Villach

Exquisite, fine mold salami, air-dried for 12 weeks. Mildly aromatic.

This salami specialty is handcrafted according to a traditional family recipe with the best, lean pork and meaty bacon. Refined with our family’s own hand-mixed spice blend, the "Salami Villach" is air-dried and ages for at least twelve weeks. Connoisseurs and aficionados alike are won over by its elegant, fine, white mold and its particularly-delicious salami aroma. packagingweightshelflife
42Salami Villach1 pc.approx. 1,20 kg90 days
6042Salami VillachMAPleveled 100g42 days

Storage temperature: at room temperature up to 22°C ι Sliced products cooled at +2°C to +6°C.

fat:34,0 g
- of which saturates:14,0 g
carbohydrates:1,7 g
- of which sugar:0,6 g
protein:26,0 g
salt:4,0 g
An indulgance

Free from

  • gluten

  • dyes

  • flavor enhancers

Handcraft of mould salami


Frierss is recognized Austria-wide as a prime example of the highest salami art. The Frierss family has been maintaining this traditional artisanry over generations.


In the traditional Villach factory, experienced salami masters produce first-class Caranthana, Crespone, Milan salami, fennel and truffle salami and much more with the greatest care and craftsmanship.

What makes our Frierss Edelschimmelsalami so special?

  1. 1. Only the best, particularly-lean pork is used

  2. The secret to the special taste lies primarily in the traditional spice mixtures, the better part ofwhich are well-preserved family recipes from our grandfather’s time. Just like then, the spices are hand-selected and mixed today in house.

  3. The salami air dries for at least 8 to 12 weeks and ages naturally in a fine, white mold to achieve its full flavor. The clear Carinthian mountain air with its slightly Mediterranean flair offers optimal conditions for salami-aging. During the maturation process the utmost care and precise monitoring are required to guarantee consistent aging through to the middle.

  4. Only when the maturation test has been passed and the strictest quality criteria are met does the fine mold salami get the Frierss’ seal of approval! Wherever you see Frierss, you know there is quality inside. Year after year our salami receives national and international awards such as those from DLG, ÖVA, and SÜFFA among others, proving its outstanding quality!

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