Frierss’ specialities are something very special: the high quality is awarded with 9 gold medals from the dlg.

Quality since 1898

Over five generations the family produces high quality specialities in Carinthia, in Austria.

Poultry specialty

Light, low in fat and delicious - the poultry specialty of Friress are an indulgence for health-conscience connoisseurs!

Dolce Vita

A mortadella tradition for 75 yeras and best Austrian pork guarantee first-class taste.

Finest Prosciutto

Best Austrian pork, a tradition over 35 years and the maturing over 14 months guarantee premium cures ham quality from Austria.

Highest quality salami art

Family Frierss has maintained this traditional artisanry since 1898 and delivers a unique range of salami.

Truffle Mortadella

Our long Mortadella tradition, 100% Austrian meat quality and black truffles are the secrets to this first-class Truffle Mortadella.

By Tradition. A Real Delicacy.

Frierss’ specialities are something very special: traditional, honest, and first class in taste. Our name has guaranteed this for the last 120 years.


Since the time of our great-grandfather, we at Frierss have maintained the most exquisite sausage and ham traditions. In order to do this, we pay heed to the best local raw materials, traditional workmanship and ample time for aging until our products have reached the full development of their delicious taste. For generations we have preserved our standards of the highest quality. This commitment will remain so in the future. Have confidence in the quality of Frierss and enjoy the distinct difference!


Sincerely family Frierss

Traditionally real delicacies

Our commitment to quality

120 Years of Experience

Since 1898 our family business has been well-known for its excellent sausage and ham specialties. 120 years of experience and over five generations of well-kept family recipes guarantee the highest quality and first-class taste today as they did then.


A Craft that is Alive and Well

For generations we at Frierss have been cultivating our time-honored artisanry. With a great deal of experience and dedication, our talented employees keep our traditions alive and still process our specialties with the utmost care.



Highest Quality of Meat

Using the best raw materials is our trademark. Our butchers use only high-quality pork and beef from small-scale Austrian farmers, who value animal welfare and healthy fodder. They then turn these fine raw materials into our top-quality products.


The Nature of Carinthia

Carinthian nature is unparalleled. The largely untouched landscape of beautiful mountains, lakes with drinking-water quality, pure mountain air, and the mild climate of Carinthia all create the ideal conditions for the drying and aging of our sausage and prosciutto specialties.


Pioneering Spirit

At Frierss, traditional artisanry meets the spirit of innovation. Our master butchers artfully refine our local meat specialties with new, selective ingredients. Our unique combination of product variety and innovative novelties proves this perfectly.



Quality & Product Safety

With a great deal of experience, the 120 employees in our two production plants in Villach produce high-quality sausage and ham specialties according to the most up-to-date hygiene standards (with "IFS certification at a higher standard"). Numerous widely-recognized seals of approval validate our superior standards.


120 years of tradition

The Frierss family maintains highest ham and sausage tradition over five generations. With pioneering spirit and uncompromissing to quality the family laid the foundation  for successful development to Austria`s leading ham and sausage specialist. 

A Real Delicacy

Frierss’ specialities are something very special: traditional, honest, and first class in taste. An absolute indulgance!

Deer sausages and Deer salami are great wild-meat specialties, handcrafted with best deer meat: purest deer indulgence for automn.

Wild-meat specialty for autumn


These regional specialties handcrafted with best beef and pork are available in two new varieties refined with chili or pumpkin seeds.

New variety of Kärntner Hauswürstel


Rustic spread specialty handcrafted from local pork and bacon are available in 3 varieties: classic, chili and pumpkin seed.

New variety "Sasaka" Alpine Spread


The new truffle specialties guarantee great indulgance moments:Ttruffle-Mortadella, Truffle Salami, Truffle Ham, Truffle paté.

Truffle specialties


Traditional business since 1898

With the utmost care, 120 experienced craftsmen produce first-class salami and ham specialties in two production plants in Villach, in the south of Austria.

Frierss Shops

In Frierss shops shopping is a pleasure. The quality and variety of delicacies are impressive. The customers enjoy here excellent personal service and advice.

Frierss Feines Haus is a specialist butcher shop with a unique variety of meat and sausage specialties as well as Alpe-Adria delicatessen since 2014. TIP: All-day snacks and convenient lunch menus!

Feines Haus

This Shop is the origin butcher shop of Frierss. It offers a great selection of regional meat specialties, sausage and ham specialties as well as delicious snacks and lunch menus. Tip: The wholesale offers particularly favorable offers.

Frierss Shop
Klagenfurter Straße


Butcher's shop ι Delicatessen ι Wholesaling ι Snacks ι Lunch menus ι Catering

Klagenfurter Str. 29
A-9500 Villach

Tel: + 43 (0) 676 84 304 061
Fax: + 43 (0) 4242 3040 21



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Butcher's shop ι Delicatessen ι Wholesaling ι Snacks ι Lunch menus

Industriestraße 3
A-9500 Villach

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