Carinthian nature
The nature of Carinthia

The largely untouched landscape of beautiful mountains, lakes with drinking-water quality and pure mountain air all create the ideal conditions for the drying and aging of Frierss`specialties.




Untouched Nature

Carinthia is the southernmost province of Austria and wins everyone over with its diverse natural surroundings. Carinthia’s wealth lies in its largely untouched landscape of beautiful mountains, crystal-clear lakes, pure mountain air, and mild climate.

Here in the Hohe Tauern National Park you will find the highest mountain in Austria, the Grossglockner, reaching 3,897 meters. Also waiting to be discovered are the more than 200 lakes with drinking water quality, such as the well-known Wörther Lake, Millstätter Lake, Faaker Lake, Ossiacher Lake or Klopeiner Lake, among others.


Regional Delicacies


Austrian cuisine has a unique culinary variety due to its location and history. Surrounding countries influenced the local cuisine for centuries, but even among the provinces there are significant differences in culinary offerings.

Carinthian cuisine, which is particularly diverse as it lies at the intersection of three cultures (Austrian, Italian, and Slovenian), has special significance. In Carinthia one discovers regional specialties from skilled craftsmen and delicious gastronomy. Carinthian delicacies are valued beyond the country's borders for their top quality. A classic is the original Carinthian Cold Cut Tray, well known as "Kärntner Brettljause".