Meat quality
Best Quality of Austrian Meat

Only best pork and beef of Austria are used in Frierss’ specialties. Afterwards the meat is refined with special spice blends, which are mixed following well-kept family recipes. 

Commitment to Quality

Wherever you see Frierss, you know there is quality inside.



The Quality of Austrian Meat


So that only the best pork and beef are used in Frierss’ products, the Frierss family works together with small-scale, regional farmers and depends solely on quality products from Austria. The pork comes from Carinthia, Styria and Upper Austria (three provinces of Austria), while the beef is mostly directly from Carinthia itself. In choosing its suppliers, the Frierss family places great importance on animal welfare, natural grains and fodder, and short transport distances.

To ensure their standards of high quality, the family maintains long-term partnerships with its suppliers, whom they know personally. The family visits their suppliers regularly to ensure that the quality of their products remains at a very high level. As a result, only the best ingredients are used to create Frierss’ specialties.

Strict, streamlined quality control ensures the excellence of Frierss’ products. This begins with the meat delivery, when temperature and pH-levels are measured and the quality of the meat is controlled according to exact specifications.

Nutrition and Breed Define the Taste

Almost 80 percent of the cattle in Austria belong to the Fleckvieh, or Simmental, breed. For generations it has been the most popular cattle breed in Austria. In earlier times it was often raised as a dual-purpose breed with a focus on milk production; today, however, it is used as beef cattle in husbandry.

Like cattle, pigs are also bred in Austria. The fathers of most of the livestock piglets are Pietrain boars, which stand out with their black spots. One of the grandparents of most of the veal piglets is a noble pig, a pig of the country’s special breed. Both Pietrain boars and noble pigs are characterized by their very high quality of meat and their innate characteristics. The chief ingredient of pig fodder in Austria is corn, although barley and wheat also play important roles.



“Carinthian Meat Indulgences”-Certification


Beyond the conventional norm, there are numerous organizations that more stringently regulate animal welfare, fodder, and regional criteria. If participating farmers are able to meet additional requirements, they are then entitled to a higher award. Requirements may be, for example, the conditions in which the animals are kept, the fodder provided, or the regionalism of the products. A noteworthy organization in Carinthia is the "100% Carinthian Pork" brand of the farmers’ marketing cooperative, Carinthian Meat, which guarantees 100% traceability from birth, fattening, and slaughtering up to dissection of the pigs.

Quality from the Region


As a certified “Genussland Carinthia” producer, Frierss offers fresh, select pork and beef from the region. The seamless traceability from original sources to the producer, the good shelf life and ample aging of the meat, the appropriate encasing with fat, and the strictest quality and hygiene control standards guarantee excellence from the region.

Good in Taste, Good for the Region

Through our focus on the region, we promote Carinthian agriculture and strengthen the purchasing power in the province. Due to short transport distances, the animals do not suffer from excessive stress, a prerequisite for high-quality meat. In addition, short travel distances are better for the environment. Together with Carinthian farmers, we contribute to the preservation of the Carinthian cultural landscape, making it a life worth living here in Carinthia!