Kärntner Bauernwürstel

Regionale Rohwurstspezialität, handwerklich nach altem Bauernrezept gefertigt und langsam in Bergluft gereift. Würzig.

Die Kärntner Bauernwürstel werden handwerklich nach Original Kärntner Bauernrezeptur aus gut selektiertem Rind- und Schweinefleisch gefertigt. Verfeinert mit einer traditionellen Gewürzmischung und etwas frischem Knoblauch, werden diese zart über Buchenholz geräuchert, ehe sie langsam in klarer Bergluft reifen.

TIPP: Hervorragend zur klassischen Jause und bei jedem Bauernbuffet. Ideal auch für unterwegs zum Wandern.

Art.Nr.Artikel VerpackungsartGewichtMHD
5611Kärntner Bauernwürstel2 Stk. ASPe 140g60 Tage

Ungekühlt lagern bis +22°C.
Brennwert:1934kJ/ 467kcal
Fett:38,7 g
- davon gesättigte Fettsäuren:16 g
Kohlenhydrate:3,3 g
- davon Zucker:0,7 g
Eiweiß:26,2 g
Salz:3,3 g
An indulgance
  • gluten- und laktosefrei

  • frei von Farbstoffen

  • frei von Geschmacksverstärkern

Genuine Artisanry: Smoked Sausage & Salami

Frierss is regarded throughout Austria as a prime example of the highest salami artisanry. The Frierss family has been cultivating this traditional craft since 1898 and has twice been honored with the golden winner's trophy in the smoked sausage category at the SÜFFA competition, most recently in 2014. Year after year the excellent quality of our products is rewarded with gold medals from DLG, the German Agricultural Society. With the utmost care, experienced salami artisans produce first-class Carinthian mountain salami, Carinthian smoked sausage, original Carinthian house sausage, and much more in our family business in Villach.

What makes the smoked sausage specialities at Frierss so unique?

1. Only the best, local beef and pork are used. The Frierss family puts its faith in quality meat from small-scale farmers in Carinthia, Styria, and Upper Austria.

2. The secret to the special taste lies primarily in the traditional spice mixtures, the better part of which are well-preserved family recipes from our grandfather’s time. Just like then, the spices are hand-selected and mixed today in house.

3. According to the old Carinthian tradition, the salami is smoked over low-resin, natural beechwood and flavorful juniper berries.

4. The salami ages for at least 8 to 12 weeks to achieve its full aroma. The clear Carinthian mountain air with its slightly Mediterranean flair offers optimal conditions for aging. During the maturation process the utmost care and precise monitoring are required to meet Frierss’ high-quality standards.

5. Only when the maturation test has been passed and the strictest quality criteria are met does the mountain salami get the Frierss’ seal of approval! Wherever you see Frierss, you know there is quality inside. Year after year our salami receives national and international awards such as those from DLG, ÖVA, and SÜFFA among others, proving its outstanding quality!

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