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Gold Awards for Frierss`specialties

10 gold medals of DLG 2018 for top quality of Frierss specialties

The Frierss family was awarded 10 gold medals by the DLG Food Test Centre for the top quality of their specialities.

"We are very proud to have received the highest award for our specialities from DLG's independent jury of experts, a wonderful recognition of our uncompromising quality standards," says Managing Director Rudolf Frierss. 10 gold medals in 10 submitted products is the culmination of an extremely successful year, in which Frierss was awarded the "DLG Prize for Sustainable Product Quality" for the first time in its family history for the regular quality performance of its company.


The Frierss family received top marks for their typical Italian specialities such as their Prosciutto Castello, matured for 14 months, their Mortadella and the new truffle mortadella or truffle spread. Gold also went to classics such as "Carinthia's finest Extrawurst", a special cooked sausage, Carinthian bacon, the new Carinthian sausages Chili or the new Alpine spreads Sasaka Pumpkin Seed and Chili. Gold was also repeatedly awarded for the Original Nock Land whisky ham refined with single malt from the Wolfram Ortner distillery in Bad Klein Kirchheim.  

International quality inspection by DLG

The DLG test centre is the European leader in the quality assessment of foodstuffs. Restrictive test criteria with regard to raw materials, processing, consistency and taste determine the gold, silver and bronze awards for ham and sausage products. The extensive tests focus on sensory product analysis, which enables objective quality assessment.

Family tradition with success

The Frierss family is the fifth generation to run the traditional Villach company, which is celebrating its 120th anniversary this year and has long since become one of the leading quality companies in sausage and ham production in Austria. Frierss is nationally known above all for its range of Carinthian s, such specialties as the Carinthian mountain salami "Bergsalami", the original Carinthian sausages, the Carinthian farmer's ham "Kärntner Bauernschinken" or its Carinthian bacon. The range of Italian specialities, such as the finest Prosciutto Castello or Mortadella, is unique.

Austria's delicatessen specialist is also successful in exports, above all in Germany, Croatia, Italy, Switzerland, Holland, (for 15 years) Japan and new South Korea - Frierss was official supporter of Austria House at the Olympic Winter Games.

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Product innovation winner prize for Frierss truffle mortadella

The Frierss family was awarded the most important innovation prize for meat and sausage products in Austria, so called "product champion" at this year's AMA meat forum in Feldkirch with its truffle mortadella.

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