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This exquisite mould salami is made for gourmets and is refined with finely chopped black truffles. New from Frierss is the mini truffle salami in 240g and 120g packs and cut to 60g.

Not only the ingredients such as the best local pork and fine black truffles are special to this salami speciality. The processing at Frierss is also very special. The truffle salami matures for at least three months in mountain air until it unfolds its full flavour. With its elegance of white noble mould, its fine cut and its delicate taste with a light truffle aroma, the truffle salami convinces every gourmet! TIP: Ideal for the festive season!

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Product innovation winner prize for Frierss truffle mortadella

The Frierss family was awarded the most important innovation prize for meat and sausage products in Austria, so called "product champion" at this year's AMA meat forum in Feldkirch with its truffle mortadella.

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