Tyrolean Sausage

Cold sausage, handcrafted from beef and pork. Savory and aromatic.

The best, 100% local beef and pork, refined with a hearty, rustic spice blend gives the Frierss’ Tirolean sausages their savory, aromatic flavor. Gently cooked, connoisseurs love its fine notes of juniper berries, bay leaves, and pepper. With its wonderful cut, the spices are highly visible, making this specialty very visually appealing. packagingweightshelflife
9Tyrolean sausage1 pc. v.p.approx. 3,00 kg28 days
1009Tyrolean sausage1/2 pc. v.p.approx. 1,50kg21 days
Storage temperature: cooled at +2°C to +6°C.
energy:1279 kJ /309kcal
fat:26,0 g
- of which saturates:11,0 g
carbohydrates:0,6 g
- of which sugar:0,0 g
protein:18,0 g
salt:2,5 g
An indulgance

Free from

  • lactose

  • gluten

  • dyes

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