Vienna Sausages "Wiener"

Dry Sausage specialty, traditionally made from the best local beef and pork.

A characteristic of this sausage specialty is its high content of local, particularly-lean pieces of pork, which are finely balanced with a delectable blend of spices. Gently broiled, Frierss’ Vienna sausages win everyone over with their subtle, aromatic taste and outstanding juiciness.
64"Vienna" sausage, roasted1pc. v.p.approx. 2,50 kg28 days
1064"Vienna" sauage, roasted1/2 pc. v.p.approx. 1,10 kg28 days
2064"Vienna" sausage, slicesASPapprox. 500 g21 days
Storage temperature: cooled at +2°C to +6°C.
energy:1387 kJ / 335kcal
fat:28,0 g
- of which saturates:12,0 g
carbohydrates:0,6 g
- of which sugar:0 g
protein:20,0 g
salt:3,0 g
An indulgance

Free from

  • lactose

  • gluten

  • dyes

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