Cheese filled sausage, roasted

Sausage specialty, made according to tradition from the best local beef and pork, refined with pieces of Emmental cheese.

Only the best, 100% Austrian beef and pork are handcrafted into Frierss’ Cheese sausage and then refined with pieces of real Emmental cheese. By being gently smoked and broiled, this sausage specialty obtains its excellent, zesty flavor.
84Cheese filled sausage, roasted1 pc.v.p.approx. 2,20 kg28 days
1084Cheese filled sausage, roasted1/2 pc. v.p.approx. 1,10 kg28 days

Storage temperature: cooled at +2°C to +6°C.
energy:1221 kJ/294kcal
fat:23,0 g
- of which saturates:11,0 g
carbohydrates:0,6 g
- of which sugar:0 g
protein:21,0 g
salt:3,0 g
An indulgance

Free from

  • gluten

  • dyes

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