Alpine spread specialty with pumpkin seeds

Rustic specialty spread made from local pork and bacon, refined with pumpkin seeds. Delicately spicy.

Sasaka is a traditional Carinthian spread specialty from the region. Only the best local pork and bacon refined with delicious spices and finely chopped pumpkin seeds, are processed in the Sasaka. Savory and delicately spicy in taste. Fine pepper and spicy nut note give this spread its rustic flavor.

TIP: Excellent for a classic cold cut tray and at every farmer's-style buffet. Perfect for taking along on a hike.

Art.Nr.Artikel VerpackungsartGewichtMHD
2032"Sasaka" alpine spread with pumpkin seeds1 Stk. in cupleveled 150g60 days
3032"Sasaka" alpine spread with pumpkin seeds1 Stk. in pailleveled 1,1 kg60 days
Storage cooled at +2°C to +6°C.
fat:76 g
- of which saturates:29 g
carbohydrates:2,1 g
- of which sugar:1,8 g
protein:7,3 g
salt:1,9 g
An indulgance


  • Gold-Medal of DLG 2018

Free from

  • laktose-free and gluten-free

  • free from dyes

  • free from flavour enhancers

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