Alpine Cold Cut Tray

Specialties from Carinthia, slowly matured and spicy.

Delicious variation consisting of Carinthian Chateau Bacon that has been matured for 4 months as well as farmer's sausages that have been traditionally smoked and slowly matured over beech wood. Traditional family recipes, the best local meat quality, and slow aging in the mountain air all guarantee a first-class taste. packagingweightshelflife
5182Alpine Cold Cut Tray1 pc. v.p.270g60 days

Storage temperature: at room temperature up to 22°C.

fat:38,1 g
- of which saturates:15,8 g
carbohydrates:2,0 g
- of which sugar:0,6 g
protein:25,1 g
salt:3,2 g
An indulgance

Free from

  • lactose

  • gluten

  • dyes 

  • flavour enhancers

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